B-bike tours Lanzarote

B-bike tours Lanzarote

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Exploring Lanzarote by E-Bike

The worldwide triumph of the bicycle with electric support has been going on for years. The hype about the e-bike has certainly also reached Lanzarote long time ago. Therefore, you can rent the popular bikes in almost every resort of the sunny island. In addition to this, various operators also offer guided excursions by electric bicycles all over Lanzarote. On these tours you will be accompanied by professional guides who know the volcanic island very well. These lead you along deserted paths, through the captivating volcanic scenery and to the most spectacular natural monuments.

In addition to these quite leisurely tours on the conventional e-bike, also more challenging tour versions are now being offered on the e-mountain bike. That is why you will often see bike enthusiasts on fully sprung e-mountain bikes on the rugged lava fields and in the mountains. Such tours are designed for drivers with technical skills and good physical fitness. It's mainly about adrenaline-fueled driving fun. If you are thinking about joining one of these e-bike tours in Lanzarote, read all about the various offers, requirements and the e bike in the text below. Here you will find the most important tips and information about e-biking in Lanzarote.


  1. What you should know about the e-bike
  2. When did the e-bikes come out
  3. What differentiates an e-bike from a normal bike
  4. How an e-bike works
  5. When to recharge a battery
  6. Who can ride an e-bike
  7. E-bike hire
  8. E-bike and driving license
  9. What you need to bring to the e-bike tour
  10. Our e-bike excursions in Lanzarote

Interesting Facts About the E-bike

The bicycles with the electric auxiliary drive have long been established in everyday street life. Everyone knows them and has seen them in a wide variety of designs. Nevertheless, many do not know what to expect when riding an e-bike. Is it difficult to use? Don’t you need to pedal? How fast can the e-bikes go? How long does a battery last? We will answer these questions and more for you in this text. Here you can get detailed information about the Electric Bike to enable you to finally take part in a guided e-bike tour on Lanzarote without having to worry. After all, such an excursion means great fun for the whole family.

When Was the E-bikes Invented?

Ogden Bolton Jr. applied for a patent for the first e-bike in the United States already in 1895. At that time, however, it was still without pedal drive. In the following years, other inventors worked on the further development of the e-bike. And in 1982 Egon Gelhard finally secured the patent for the first e-bike based on the pedelec principle. The electric bike has still been improved continuously over the past years. And especially in the late 1990s, there were some revolutionary developments that essentially led to today's modern e-bikes. And progress keeps continuing today. Research is currently being carried out in particular on improving the batteries and increasing the power efficiency of the engines. The sale of e-bikes has been booming since 2005 and the numbers continue to rise every year.

What Is the Difference to an Ordinary Bike?

The basic optical design of these two types of bikes hardly differs from each other. The biggest difference is undoubtedly the battery packs of the e-bikes, which are also a characteristic feature of this type of bike. These are either attached to the luggage rack or to the frame above the bottom bracket. You will also find a charge level indicator for the battery on the handlebars.

There are no other differences from a normal bike. With both bikes you sit on a saddle, operate the pedals with your leg strength and have to change direction with both hands on the handlebars. Therefore, the following applies in principle: anyone who has learned to ride a bike can also ride an e-bike without any problems. The little electric helper also makes cycling very pleasant, especially in headwinds and uphill.

How Does an E-bike Work?

The “E” in E-Bike is the abbreviation for “Electric”, so that it can also be called Electric Bike. “E-bikes” do not start like motorcycles with a throttle when the engine is switched on. The colloquial name is certainly somewhat misleading. The correct technical term for it, is actually Pedelec. The so-called pedelec principle states that the electric propulsion takes place only with the simultaneous actuation of the pedals. A so-called traction battery supplies the motor with electrical energy. Depending on the model, the motors provide the drive on the bottom bracket (middle motor), the front or rear wheel. A sensor detects when the driver steps on the pedals and automatically switches on the motor so that support is only provided when pedaling. Therefore, the engine is ultimately also referred to as an assistant that only reduces personal effort. If you stop pedaling or brake, the engine will turn off immediately. This automatic on and off switching is ensured by the crank movement detection sensor. Whether you want to use the assistance or not can be regulated by turning the engine on or off. With some e-bikes you can even regulate the intensity of the support with a control on the handlebar.

E-bikes are absolutely emission-free. Therefore, you don't have to worry much about the environment in Lanzarote when exploring the breathtaking landscape of the Canary Island with this electric vehicle. The power of the batteries is sufficient to accelerate your e-bike up to the permitted 25 kilometers per hour. And the batteries can be recharged after use.

How Far Can You Get With a Battery Charge?

Batteries are manufactured in different capacities. The higher the watt-hour (Wh), the stronger and more enduring the batteries. In addition, the range of a battery depends on the following factors:

  • How often and for how long is the engine power used?
  • How heavy are the rider and e-bike in total?
  • Is the tire pressure optimal?
  • What are the gradient levels when driving uphill?
  • Is there a counter force?

Depending on the above mentioned factors, a battery charge can be sufficient for a distance of 40 to 120 kilometers. This performance is sufficient for an unforgettable e-bike tour in Lanzarote.

On the Road in Lanzarote by E-bike

Is E-bike Riding Also Suitable For You?

E-bike tours in Lanzarote are really something for everyone. You can choose between different types of e-bike tours, depending on your physical condition and experience. For beginners and holidaymakers with basic physical condition, there are the relaxed e-bike sightseeing tours along the asphalt roads where the guides keep the level of performance low. Those among you who are a bit fitter can drive instead on sandy fields or even the impressive beaches by fat bike (e-bikes with balloon tires). And the experienced cycling freaks with good riding technique will get their money's worth on a challenging e-mountain bike tour.

Should You Hire an E-bike in Lanzarote?

Of course you can rent e-bikes in Lanzarote. In the larger tourist destinations such as Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen or Costa Teguise there are several e-bike rental stations. You really get all imaginable kinds of electric bikes. The selection ranges from city bikes to fat bikes and e-mountain bikes. It's best to determine where to go in advance in order to choose the right kind of bike. If you are driving inland, do not forget to pack provisions and water in your backpack, as there may not be any shops in the area. You will get a bike helmet with the rented e-bike and it is best to wear it while driving. Not only it provides essential protection for your head in the event of an accident and, but in Lanzarote as in all of Spain, it is mandatory to wear a helmet.

Is There an E-bike Driving License?

E-bikes are throttled so that they do not drive faster than 25 km/h. As a result of this measure, they are neither subject to registration nor to insurance. At the same time, this also means that you do not need a license to drive an e-bike. Nevertheless, every operator can set certain conditions for participation in his e-bike tours and hire in Lanzarote. When booking pay attention to information on fitness and technology requirements, for example, same as minimum age for children or maximum weight of the participants.

What Should You Not Forget About the E-bike Excursion?

  • Provisions: The most important thing is enough water. Allow around 2 liters per person. You should also have high-energy snacks such as granola bars and bananas with you.
  • Backpack: You can use it to store your provisions and the other things you need on the tour.
  • T-shirt: Ideally, you should wear a UV-resistant shorts and t-shirt.
  • Clothing: Please wear loose sportswear so that you have enough freedom of movement.
  • Bike equipment: You should wear bike gloves and shorts on E-MTB tours. The padding in the shorts makes driving through the terrain more comfortable and the bike gloves absorb vibrations.
  • Closed shoes: At least wear sneakers. Sandals or flip flops are not suitable.
  • Jackets or windbreakers: The wind can be a bit chilly, especially from October to May. It is therefore better to keep a jacket in your backpack.
  • Sunscreen, high SPF: An absolute must is protecting your skin from the intense sunshine in Lanzarote.
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun's rays, insects and small stones.

Our tips are meant to help you enjoy an indescribably beautiful experience on the dream island of Lanzarote. Now you are ready to start. Grab an e-bike and just cycle away. Enjoy your e-bike tour through Lanzarote.

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